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    'A New Day' has been

A New Day


A New Day

Different places, different lives
Different sorrows, different hopes and dreams
Take a look at what we've got
Don't we hear the distant screams?

They're in our hearts, they're in our minds
But covered up by our own lives
Let them out, don't look away
They need us now - without delay

A new day will come
We all pray for everyone
Who went to heaven
Who was left behind
Who lost everything
No peace to find
If we all lend a hand
A new day will come
A new light will shine
For everyone

Is it true that for everyone there shines a star
Is it true that they all shine bright wherever we are
Sometimes the light doesn't seem to get through
Then it's up to us to do what we can do


Whatever you give
It will come back to you
More than you gave
You'll be happy too
It enriches your life
if you help those in need
We can build a new future
Let's start sowing the seeds


The following singers and musicians have volunteered in the recording of the demo. Thank you so much!

Main vocals:

Background vocals:

  • Verena Bittner
  • Christian Einig Website
  • Bianca Löffler
  • Melanie Weinerth
  • Simone Uhrig


Bass guitar: